mardi 22 décembre 2009


理論免疫学者メルヴィン・コーン(Melvin Cohn)博士の20年前のエッセイを読む。まず目につくのは、免疫系を理論化する場合、常に進化の光を当てていることだろう。当然と言えば当然だが、徹底している。それから実験により事実の断片を集めるのではなく、全体を理解したいという願望、さらに言うと強い意志を感じる。ある世界を見る時にひとつの原理のような枠組みを何とかして掴みたいという意志である。そこに向けて正確で妥協しない強靭な思考を心がけている様子がよくわかる。そのため上位の論理に適合しない思考には厳しい言葉を吐いている。時にユーモアも交えながら。そして、その枠組みがない免疫学の何と無駄が多いことかと嘆き、彼の論理ではあり得ないイェルネ博士によるイディオタイプ・ネットワーク説に基づいて発表された数千の論文を見るだけで十分だろうとしている。


"This leads me to generalize my point by asking, What are we teaching in these institutions, which dominate worldwide the thinking of the immunological community? Not the search for principles of generality; the institutional environment does not appreciate such effort, much less reward it. Education rather seems to fix forever the direction of students' efforts so that their sole goal is to demonstrate that what they have been taught is scripture even when it is popery. It is little wonder that we have come to prize purely technical over conceptual achievement in spite of their interdependence, in par this is due to a loss of asceticism, in part to a lack of training and confidence in our ability to evaluate Socratic thinking, in part to the so-called practical values imposed by our promotion, grant, and prize awarding committees. The tragedy is that we no longer worship understanding as the goal of science. Having totally lost respect for rational skepticism, we allow quantity rather than quality, charisma rather than scholarship, and the desire to be accepted rather than the need to question, to influence and, in the end, determine our judgment."

Forward to Rodney E. Langman's "The Immune System"
"Clippings from one immunologist's journal" (1989)

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