vendredi 23 janvier 2009

「生命を定義する」 Définir la vie (11)

5 février 2008

Luigi Luisi "Defining life : a phenomenological, common sense approach"

  Living vs. non-living

1) definition: not appropriate
2) definition conveys an "ontic" ambition; too ambitious for scientists
3) operational description

2 levels of life: individual vs. population (--> basis of Darwinism)

Think on:
● life at the individual level
● here & now (no concern about time)
● unicellular organism
   to see if the conclusion is generalized

● a system spatially defined by a boundary of its own making
● regeneration from within
● self-organization
● autopoiesis (biological autonomy, autoreferential, operational closure)
system is open but closed with regard to dynamics

minimal requirement: homeostasis, self-reproduction

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