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「生命を定義する」 Définir la vie (5)

4 février 2008

Kepa Ruiz Mirazo "Defining Life : Why, How and What for?"

1961年: Oparin
"Only possible in the light of a knowledge of its origin & evolution"

2002年: Cleland & Chyba
general theory が出なければ先に進まない。definition から theory に行くことも origin に行くこともできる。

2004年: Ruiz Mirazo "requirement for good definition" を示す

1982, Mayr
1991, de Duve
2002, Koshland
1990, Shapiro & Feinberg; good but not satisfactory
1998, Emmeche; good but not satisfactory
1973, Maturana & Valera

1970, Sagan "system capable of evolution by selection"
1994, Joyce
"self-sustained chemical system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution"

1998, Luisi; criticism

1982, Mayr
1986, Maynard-Smith
  "Life vs Living system"

"absolute or actual" or "potential" life criteria (Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere 34:323-46, 2004)
 living system = any autonomous system with open-ended evolution capacities
 must include:
 1) membrane; semi-permeable active boundary
 2) energy transduction/ conversion apparatus; chemical/chemiosmotic energy
 3) catalysts, records; two types of interdependent macromolecular systems

Ruiz-Mirazo (Biol Philo 23: 67-85, 2007)
 autonomy -- function
 open-ended evolution --- information
 naturalization of Shannon & Weaver conception of information


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